Day of Digital Humanities

Day of Digital Humanities is a global event to showcase the daily lives of digital humanists. This site is dedicated to the community at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana to document events in April, 2020.

About Us

Purdue University is a unique ecosystem, leading the way in both STEM and Humanities initiatives. Because of this fusion, Purdue is the perfect place for digital humanities to thrive. As you will see on this site, Purdue DH is a diverse and energetic community dedicated to critical engagement with technology and culture. DH at Purdue is dialectical, applying technology to the humanities while critiquing technology through a humanistic lens.

Digital Humanities Projects

Digital Pedagogy and Curricula

Campus Spaces for Digital Scholarship

Who is Digital Humanities?

The DH community at Purdue is diverse and thriving. Faculty, staff, and students are leading innovative projects, teaching courses, and developing infrastructures. Click below for just a small sample of our team.

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