COVID Black – is a Black digital humanities project and a taskforce on Black health and data organizing resources and actions around data and health disparities within and for Black diasporic communities. Utilizing the critical and justice oriented frameworks of Black Studies, Black Digital Humanities, and Public Health we seek to collectively build awareness and outreach around the role that intersectionality plays in issues of information, science, technology, and medicine. As a Black DH project, COVID Black foregrounds an understanding of race as a technology in order to recover the role that systemic racism always already plays in the politics of platforms, publics, and policy. Specifically, we are focused on the ways in which digital tools and technology can be used to not only collect data, but to facilitate collaboration, creation, and community through the collection of information and discourse which highlights the lived experiences of Black people during and beyond the COVID-19 outbreak.

COVID-19 and Life in Indiana

These are unprecedented times and future historians will want to know how our community spent their time. What was the experience of the local community during this global pandemic?

To document this moment, the Ball State University Libraries Archives and Special Collections (in collaboration with the Everyday Life in Middletown project, and the Muncie Public Library) invites you to keep a diary of living during the COVID-19 epidemic in Indiana. This project seeks to collect and preserve materials from both the Ball State University community and the surrounding geographic area. 

The Ball State University Libraries Archives and Special Collections, the Muncie Public Library, and the Everyday Life in Middletown Project will collaborate to publish an online community archive to preserve and provide access to materials received.

Participants are welcome to submit:

  • Type or handwritten reflections, poems, writings
  • Artwork and drawings
  • Photographs
  • Videos

Events continue to change day by day. They are specific to you and to your families, friends, and communities. Please start documenting now! The emphasis is on self-expression, candor and a willingness to be a social commentator and to gather stories. No stress needs to be placed on good grammar, spelling or style.

Archives and Special Collections will welcome deposits in either analog or digital form. If you are interested in contributing to the COVID-19 Pandemic Project, please visit the following page: https://bsu.libwizard.com/f/c19ppa

Content submitted will be added to the Stoeckel Archive of Local History Collection at Ball State University Libraries Archives and Special Collections. If the material you wish to donate is in digital form and exceeds the 100 MB limit, or if you wish to donate physical material, or have additional questions please email Head of Archives User Engagement Sarah M. Allison at smallison@bsu.edu

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